Erectile Dysfunction in Men: Description

Mexican Pharmacy defines impotence in men as a pathological condition, which is based on the violation of the physiological ability of the penis to erect (sexual excitement) or maintain an erection for sufficient time for sexual intercourse (coitus). The most modern and correct name for this condition from a medical point of view is erectile dysfunction. If you decipher both of these medical terms in a nutshell, understandable to an ordinary person, without additional searches for information, you can call them nothing but sexual impotence.

But erectile dysfunction in an understanding of different people may have so different limits and justification that it caused specialists to standardize some criteria for identifying the true problem. It is necessary to understand that limits of the norm and pathology are very subtle and can radically differ in understanding of many men. What some consider sexual impotence, others can compare with the top of sexual health. Another important point among the general characteristics of this problem is its delicacy.

Men, suffering from erectile dysfunction, try to hide their sexual incompetence in any way. Some simply by silence, others by exaggeration of their sexual health in vivid details. The only thing that unites these two groups of people is that nobody really knows the real truth about the norm and pathology. A vicious cycle, which can be broken only by specialists.

The appearance of erectile dysfunction involves a number of involuntary organic, neurogenic, vascular and psychogenic mechanisms. This is due to the fact that erection is a very complicated physiological process, achievement of which a whole chain of consecutive reactions involves. Normally, turning of the penis into erect condition takes place at lightning speed, taking less than a minute of time. The basis of the cascade of neurohumoral reactions is a nerve impulse from subcortical or cortical structures of the brain.

Its occurrence causes a release of hormonal biologically active substances, which lead to a relaxation of sphincters of venous sinuses of the penis. The result is the stimulation of blood flow to them with increasing length, thickness, and hardened consistency. The ability to maintain a penis in this state depends on many factors, but in most cases is determined by individual characteristics.

Violations of erectile ability can occur at any of its levels, which formed the basis for classification of impotence. Its main types are:

  • organic – caused by the violation of the implementation of sexual excitement. This means that men experience sexual attraction, but do not realize it in the form of erection;
  • psychogenic – violation of formation of exciting pulse, which is primary in erectile capacity;
  • mixed – a combination of organic and psychogenic mechanisms of erectile dysfunction. It occurs most often since both types breed each other’s development.

At What Age Does Erectile Dysfunction Occur?

Erectile Dysfunction in Men_ Description
Sooner or later, every man looks for the answer to such a question. This topic is very painful since, in fact, the normal erectile ability is one of the factors of self-sufficiency of any man. Each man by nature has his own resource of sexual possibilities, which in the process of life can be either saved or lost in the wrong way of life and illnesses. Therefore, there are no age norms for impotence.

From the point of view of erection purpose as physiological condition, problems with this should not arise from the moment of puberty to the preservation of the possibility of fertilization.

Erectile Dysfunction at Young Age

Impotence at a young age clearly can not be a variant of the norm. Even if it is of a short-term nature. Especially when there is no connection with excessive sexual activity. In young men who do not have genital tract diseases or severe extragenital pathology, erectile dysfunction is conditional and is more often psychogenic. It is not as dangerous as organic and relatively favorably eliminated. The main thing is not be ashamed of this problem and go to a specialist in time. Otherwise, over time it will necessarily turn into organic. And this type is much harder to fight.