Facts about Impotence

What is Impotence?

Impotence is an inability to obtain and maintain sufficient erection to carry out sexual intercourse. Let’s refer to the “impotence” concept, which is very often used by both men and women, and doctors in particular. Instead of the word “impotence”, it is more appropriate to speak about “erectile dysfunction“. Why? Since under impotence we understand (to put it crudely) that man did not establish oneself as man, he allegedly can not “conceive” children, but the term “erectile dysfunction” includes a few basic concepts that involve male erectile dysfunction.

What is Erection?

Erection is the male physiological ability to respond to sexual objects (woman, for example). It is manifested in penis size increase. Moreover, forms of erection at every man are different and this is normal.

50% of men worldwide have erection problems, and in this category, there are young men as well as those aged 45 years and older.

Types of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be:

  • mild;
  • moderate;
  • severe.

Severe erectile dysfunction is defined as complete erection absence, that is, during sexual intercourse, the penis is not increased in physiological amounts.

The vast majority of men suffer from mild erectile dysfunction, which is easy to remove with timely treatment by means of ED medications online. If a man had a weak erectile dysfunction and he did not consider it necessary to treat it, in this case, disease, stress, smoking, lack of full sexual life – all this leads to the fact that weak form of the disease may become severe.Facts about Impotence

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What Determines Erection?

Erection depends on many factors:

  • penile anatomy
  • central nervous system performance;
  • hormones;
  • blood circulatory system;
  • heart function;
  • muscle capacity, which is responsible for erection appearance.

Therefore, unequivocally to establish diagnosis “impotence” is incompetent. Perhaps he has everything all right with erection, but hormones level is violated. And he has only to take a blood test for hormones, undergo appropriate treatment course (with an excess or hormone deficiency) and then the erection will return to the normal state.

Important: Women, as well as a man, should understand and realize that erection does not depend on penile performance but on the whole body.

Factors affecting Erection

The following factors may provoke erectile dysfunction appearance:

  • Diabetes;
  • Heart and circulatory system diseases;
  • Smoking;
  • Age;
  • Hypertension;
  • Certain drugs abuse, about which you should inform your doctor if you came to him with a complaint on erection;
  • Alcoholism treatment;
  • Stressful situations;
  • Violation of endocrine system, possible – thyroid gland disease or hormonal failure;
  • Physical exercise and taking certain hormones to increase muscle mass;
  • Penile injuries.

Doctors Point of View

Erection problems do not appear in one day. For example, famous American doctor Steven Lamm found that modern men already at a young age start to:

  • abuse alcohol;
  • smoke;
  • conduct a promiscuous and very active sexual life.

They do not understand that these factors affect the ability to have children in the future.

There can be no question of a normal erection and reproductive function if a man keeps an unhealthy lifestyle. The opinion of doctors is the following: you need to take care of erection, not when it was gone, but in a time when it is still to be.

What is a Normal Erectile Function?

Normal erectile function is man’s ability to carry out sexual intercourse, to receive sexual satisfaction, and in the climax – orgasm. Some men hurt themselves when trying to control erection and ejaculation during sexual intercourse. It results in sexual function disorders.

How Women Influence Male Erectile Function?

Women have a direct impact on male erectile function. Not all of them are aware that they are also dependent on whether their men obtain an erection or not. It happens so that man had already adjusted to the fact that sexual intercourse will be but suddenly hear refusal from the woman. This not only affects sexual function but also the central nervous system.

Also, a male erection is greatly reduced when during intercourse woman begins to complain, criticize, insult, or sort things out. In any case, women should not talk to a man that he has a “small penis”, or that he does not bring satisfaction, etc. Such phrases promote erectile dysfunction emergence. Recommendation for women is to reconsider behavior and most likely sexual life of yours and your partner and everything will become great for both of you.

What doctor Should you Visit?

If there are problems with sexual function, it is necessary to address urologists and sexologists. Leave traditional methods and do not use them. As a rule, they only worsen the situation.

Everything is Individual

Erectile dysfunction should not be considered deeply. Here it is necessary to approach each man with this problem alone. For example, it is very important to clarify – exactly whether a man suffers from erectile dysfunction: during sexual intercourse with a woman, at masturbation, if a man is engaged in anal sex or its unconventional types. There are situations when erection does not occur in patients with specific partners, and when changing it, the situation changes dramatically.

Also, a man may be hurt by a woman, be angry, such feelings affect erection. Therefore, erectile dysfunction treatment is not always medicative or surgery. In most cases, you may require a psychologist, an endocrinologist, a cardiologist, or a traumatologist counseling.