How Prostatitis Influences Erectile Function?

As doctors note, even at the very beginning of prostatitis development when the inflammatory process actively progresses, along with other characteristic symptoms at men also problems with erectile function are often observed. First of all, problems are shown against oppressed sexual desire, violations are very insignificant. Prostatitis sometimes influences erectile function in such a way that sexual intercourse after all happens, but the man at the same time feels quite unpleasant feelings in a crotch after its end or process of ejaculation is followed by pain.

Besides, it is important to note that quite often at the started chronic prostatitis in a prostate gland peculiar hems which become hindrances for the numerous receptors which are carrying out the impulses which are responsible for an erection and an ejaculation are formed. Therefore when ignoring this disease, impotence will have an effect sooner or later. It is necessary to treat prostatitis immediately after the first symptoms have appeared that’s why command the service of Mexican Pharmacy. We will be glad to carry out the necessary preparations for you to relieve the pain.

Apparently, prostatitis in general influences an erection and erectile function far not in the best way. In general many urological diseases involve very serious consequences connected with violation of man’s reproductive function. However many researchers consider calling impotence as prostate gland inflammation symptom a little incorrectly. All the matter is that at prostatitis man’s sexual function doesn’t disappear absolutely, there are only violations of the erection mechanism, its duration, and quality. Besides, quite often men in such a state have premature ejaculation, becomes dull or at all, there is no orgasm. How expressed will be all these symptoms, depends, first of all, on the constitution of the patient, his man’s force.


Despite all gravity of such disease as chronic prostatitis, impotence on its background develops rather seldom. However, in the absence of due therapy, the disease can be fraught also with other hardest complications, for example:

  • renal lithiasis;
  • infertility connected with the insufficient amount and bad quality of sperm;
  • abscesses developing.

In order to avoid so unpleasant consequences, it is very important in time to address the doctor-urologist who will competently appoint complex prostatitis treatment.

Restoration of erectile function

Sometimes all meet men who have a recovering of erectile dysfunction caused by prostatitis so completely and haven’t come even at full treatment from an illness. In such cases there is already a need for psychoneurological correction as the basis of the problem lies not in physiology. Some doctors are inclined to believe at all that prostatitis and erectile function aren’t connected in any way, and the reasons for similar frustration should be looked for in other associated diseases concerning cavernous body vessels for example.

However, the vast majority of physicians hold the opinion that prostatitis, after all, plays a role in problems with erectile function, but often very mediocre.
The man throughout a long time is tormented by pains, the complicated urination, the general feeling sick that also negatively affects also his psychological state when becomes incapable to conduct sexual activity any more.

In cases when after prostatitis treatment problems with erectile function also remain, each man has to think of how it is safe to restore it. Today there are many preparations for the increase of erectile function, but not all of them can be effective and safe. If violations are connected with psychological problems, the urologist can recommend a course of treatment by special preparations (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis) several tablets of which will help the man to return to normal sexual activity again.