Secrets How to Be Slim

The situation when lunchtime does not come yet far. The stomach already makes signal sounds is familiar to all. What to do? Naturally – to have a bite. Sweets, but only in limited quantity as soon as possible help to get rid of the feeling of hunger. For example, one candy, either two segments of chocolate, or sugar piece. It is an ambulance for those who dream of chicken or some salad with a source. But you remember that “it is possible to have a bite” in the form of candy only in case when before lunch there was not really a lot of time. Though sweets quickly saturate the blood with glucose and instantly send it to a brain the signal “fullness”, this effect lasts not for long.

If before lunch or dinner there is an hour or two, then it is worth having a bite with proteinaceous products or complex carbohydrates. We may refer to them:

  • kefir;
  • yogurt;
  • a handful of nuts;
  • apples;
  • dried fruits;
  • vegetables.

The feeling of hunger is well dulled by:

  • plums;
  • fig;
  • fennel;
  • mint.

to be slender

How to become slim and full

As soon as we see something tasty, at once there is a wish to have a bite. At first, we devour food by the eyes. It is better not to look at delicious dishes which cause increased salivation.

All the dishes which you are going to eat need to be reduced even visually. Imagine that there is a lot of food on a dish. For example, you snack apple. If to gnaw the whole apple, then in a minute nothing will remain. And if to cut apple on thin slices, then it is possible to eat for long. The cheese cut in small cubes will help to win against hunger too. Carefully chewing each piece, you will quickly feel saturation.

If you eat slowly, then your life is good!

The right way to be slim lies through careful food chewing. First, an injurious attack on food when in a couple of minutes the plate is empty – a terrible experience for the stomach. Secondly, during careful chewing of food, absorption of nutrients begins already in an oral cavity therefore also saturation comes quicker, even at a small amount of eating. On the contrary, if products “are loaded” into a stomach it is unceasing and quickly, then it doesn’t manage to send a signal to the brain that it is full, and the person naturally overeats. There is a conclusion: it is necessary to chew slowly and to nip out water.

There is an easy way not to overeat. For reduction of serving size you may replace a big plate for small, and a tablespoon for dessert. Extend each meal for 20 minutes, it isn’t less – so much time is required that the organism has felt saturation.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are necessary

To become slender or to be full it is possible to eat less and without any deception. It is necessary only to develop a useful habit: at the same time is to keep this diet constantly. Then appetite will appear on strict hours. How to reach it? It is necessary, to begin with, what to cease “to inspect” the refrigerator in the late evening, and you pleasantly are surprised how it is easy to wake up in the morning without weight in a stomach. Besides, since morning there will be an appetite, and it is a good sign because breakfast has to make the fourth part of a daily diet, for the normal power supply of an organism. Also, breakfast starts exchange processes and promotes the combustion of fats. And all food eaten in the morning is acquired in a day without the “aggravating” consequences for figure even if you have eaten a piece of cake. But it is more preferable for breakfast there are porridges as cereals because their stomach digest longer, detains water, as a result, saturate for a long time.overeating

The lunch and dinner need to be begun with vegetable salad. First, useful cellulose of vegetables doesn’t allow to overeat. Secondly, any “heavy” dishes eaten after vegetables are longer digested and saturate an organism gradually. And to eat less, it is recommended to drink a glass of green tea, tomato juice, low-fat kefir, mineral or simple water before a meal. It will allow reducing the volume of the eaten food almost by a third. The secret is simple: liquid fills a stomach and everything that catches sight, isn’t present the desire to eat anymore.

Aromatherapy will help to become slender and to be full

The women who are often keeping to diets like to joke, passing by a candy store: “I will breathe and I will go, and I will take nothing”. In this joke there is an element of truth: some aromas really pacify appetite. The most effective is an aroma of vanilla. And also the smell of apples, grapefruit, banana, fennel, mint, lavender and rose sate hunger too. It is enough to smell, for example, a peel of grapefruit or during dinner to put an aromatic candle on a table. If hunger overcomes on a trip or to operating time, then use perfume with a flower or fruit aroma – for several minutes it will beat off strong desire something to chew.

And in conclusion, one more secret of slenderness: deceiving the appetite don’t forget about vigorous activity and sports occupations. It is necessary to be engaged in what really carries you away, and then thoughts of food will fade into the background.