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How Prostatitis Influences Erectile Function?

As doctors note, even at the very beginning of prostatitis development when the inflammatory process actively progresses, along with other characteristic symptoms at men also problems with erectile function are often observed. First of all, problems are shown against oppressed sexual desire, violations are very insignificant. Prostatitis sometimes influences erectile function in such a way…

Erectile Dysfunction in Men: Description

Mexican Pharmacy defines impotence in men as a pathological condition, which is based on theĀ violation of the physiological ability of the penis to erect (sexual excitement) or maintain an erection for sufficient time for sexual intercourse (coitus). The most modern and correct name for this condition from a medical point of view is erectile dysfunction….

Facts about Impotence

What is Impotence? Impotence is an inability to obtain and maintain sufficient erection to carry out sexual intercourse. Let’s refer to the “impotence” concept, which is very often used by both men and women, and doctors in particular. Instead of the word “impotence”, it is more appropriate to speak about “erectile dysfunction“. Why? SinceĀ under impotence…