Unbelievable Facts about Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful process. How can a baby just in 9 months grow from two cells in a whole, excellent, perfect creature capable of independent life?! To date, the pregnancy process is studied very well, but there are a million questions. These are some interesting facts about pregnancy.

  1. The majority of children are born with gray-blue or sky-blue eyes. This color appears is due to a lack of melanin pigment at infants, which is responsible for iris tone. During the first six months of their life children’s eye color varies depending on this pigment amount: if it is small – eyes remain gray-blue, if large – they turn green or brown.
  2. Only 25% of couples, who are desperately trying to get pregnant, succeed in it during the first cycle of women.pregnancy
  3. If a child is born after 43rd week, it is considered a late or post-mature baby. If a woman gives birth to a child before the 37th week, the baby is considered premature. It turns out that only 10% of children in the world are born just in time – 40 weeks.
  4. Some of the women can observe false pregnancy. This is a condition when a woman experiences all pregnancy symptoms, for example, absence of menstruation, enlarged and painful breast, abdominal growth, changes in food preferences, toxicosis. And woman does not pretend, she firmly believes that she will soon become a mother. Occasionally, during such conditions, even pregnancy tests are lying and give positive results. Many experts believe that false pregnancy causes are contained in women’s psyche, for example, strong desire to become a mother, or, vice versa, panic-driven fear of it can induce such states at a woman. Also, the cause may be a serious violation of the hormonal background.
  5. There are rare severe situations when a woman’s brain during pregnancy after a serious illness or accident dies. In medicine, there were cases when such a woman’s life was artificially maintained, which would ensure normal fetus development. The earliest pregnancy stage, at which woman’s life with a dead brain was started to artificially support, with a successful outcome for the baby was 15 weeks. Record period of such mother’s state maintenance was as much as 107 days.
  6. The happiest heroine-mother is Russian peasant’s – Fyodor Vasilyev – wife. She gave birth to 69 children. During 40 years of her life, this woman has given birth for 27 times: 4 times – 4 twins, 7 times – triplets and 16 times – twins. Out of all kids, only two died in infancy, all the others have lived a long life.triplets
  7. The largest number of children according to official figures had Ismail – Moroccan Sultan. He raises 340 daughters and 548 sons. In his harem on average, a child is born every 3 weeks.
  8. It turns out that at birth Pablo Picasso was saved by smoking. A midwife who deliver a baby thought Pablo was dead. Uncle of this great artist, who smoked cigars at that time, saw the baby on the table and released a ring of smoke into his face. Then Pablo cried. Thus, we can assume that it was smoking that saved him.
  9. All children in the womb from 4 to 8 weeks of pregnancy have tails. The following trimester it disappears.
  10. It is believed that a child conceived in the autumn-winter period has a higher intellect than that conceived in the spring-summer period of the year.
  11. Korea is a country of amazing facts. It turns out that in this country a child’s age includes also a period when a child was in his mother’s womb. Therefore Korean children according to documents almost a year older than their peers from other countries of the world, although there are absolutely no physical differences.
  12. All records in a number of births were beaten by Elizabeth Greenhill, who lived in the UK. Throughout her life, she had 38 labors, during which she gave birth to 32 girls and 7 boys.
  13. Smoking during pregnancy causes more damage than it was previously thought. It turns out that smoking women affects even her daughter and granddaughter labor. The risk of premature birth at girls born by smoking women is 29%. If during pregnancy both grandmother and mother smoked, the risk of giving birth prematurely for this woman rises to 60%.smoking
  14. The most surprising fact about pregnancy, probably, is the ability to become pregnant during pregnancy. Such cases are extremely rare. Such cases are registered after birth when a baby seems premature. After analysis, it is possible to determine the time of each child’s conception. Sometimes the difference can be three to four weeks. In the 60s of the last century, an obstetrician from Baltimore said that one of his patient difference between twin-children was two months. This nonsense was determined through X-ray of newborns’ hip bones.
  15. There are times when one twin is a parasite that is one of the babies carries another inside. In fact, this «parasite» is not a fetus. It’s just a bunch of hair, bone fragments, teeth or eyes. The theory claims that during the first trimester of pregnancy, one twin absorbs another. The fetus that inside has not some of the internal organs, it can not live independently. The most bizarre incident occurred in India when such a «parasite» was found at a 36-year-old man found. The man complained of a big belly all his life.
  16. The youngest mother in the world at the time of birth was 5 years and 7 months old. Her name was Lina Medina. Her parents brought her to the hospital with complaints on huge abdominal mass. After examining the girl by gynecologist it was found out that the baby was 7 months pregnant. Later she was moved to the city hospital in order to carry out a cesarean section. The boy was born on 14.05.1933, with a weight of 2,7 kg. He was named Gerardo after the doctor who carried out the surgery. Lina’s parents raised him as their own son. Gerardo learned that Lina was his mother at the age of forty years.