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Living With MPD

A person who has been diagnosed with MPD (blood cancer) with the right therapy can defeat the disease. Medical specialists told about this on the World Leukemia Dayy.

Previously, patients had an average life expectancy of 3-5 years after diagnosis. Today, patients who were prescribed therapy 12 years ago live a full life.

According to the medical society, people diagnosed with chronic blood diseases can lead a full-fledged life, and women can give birth to healthy children. “For example, one of the members of the society, a young girl, was diagnosed with this at the age of 25. For five years, she was in complete molecular remission – absence of signs of the disease – approx. It’s already been the second year since she stopped treatment, but at the same time she is under the control of doctors. They clarified that these two years the girl’s body copes by itself, she plays sports, participates in public councils and plans to have a child.

The cause of the MPD development is the appearance of a specific marker in tumor cells. Over the past 13 years, there has been a huge breakthrough in the treatment of myeloproliferative disorder in medicine.

Scientists connect this breakthrough with the discovery of pathogenetic mechanisms of the disease development, thanks to which drugs appeared that directly affect the gene mutated as a result of the disease. Today we have the opportunity to block the pathological protein, and the disease does not develop further. Scientists noted that in the future, thanks to new developments, it may be possible to completely cure all patients with this blood disease.

Leukemia Day is celebrated annually on September 22. This day was not chosen by chance, because the numbers 22 and 9 / September – the ninth month in a row / remind of the mutation of chromosomes characteristic of blood diseases. On this day, experts advise you to pay attention that at an early stage of development, this disease is very difficult to diagnose. MDP may be suspected by chance, based on the results of a general blood test.